It’s been about 6 years now that I have lived at Nob Hill Apartments and I really love that you can control your own heat with a thermostat. My old apartment that I had lived in had radiator heat that was so hot I had to leave my windows open in the winter. Here when it gets too hot, I am able to turn it down. But a couple years ago when it seemed like winter was never going to end, it was nice and warm in my place. I also really like that the maintenance guys take care of the shoveling the snow.

James D. | Resident

I moved into Nob Hill Apartments three years ago and I absolutely love it here. The staff is very nice, and always seem to actually take the time to listen. The building is well kept and very quiet. The events here are great as well; I try to go to as many as I can.

Tom J. | Resident

We have lived at Nob Hill since 2000. We love the location of Nob Hill, especially how close it is to the grocery store and the bank. The fitness center and swimming pool are great, I am very happy that there is no charge to use them. The building is clean and well maintained. I am glad that Nob Hill has a parking lot, it sure does beat having to park on the street.

Jason and Melissa B. | Resident

I have not lived in an apartment for a very long time and I have to say I cannot imagine anywhere else to live at this point in my life. Living at Nob Hill for the past year has been wonderful. The people that live here and work here are very friendly. I really enjoy doing the activities that they have, I have found that it is a great way to meet people. The staff is very helpful and prompt with service. The community makes me feel safe, I am happy to call Nob Hill my home.

Janice D. | Resident

Living here at Nob Hill is a relief. I no longer have to rake leaves, shovel my driveway or have my furnace serviced. I do miss my old house, but everyone here is so friendly. The staff is very helpful and reliable. I actually am trying to convince my neighbors to move here when they sell their houses.

Lois M. | Resident

I’ve been living at Nob Hill for a little over 3 months now and I’m really happy that I decided to live here. There are a couple places in the area that have the same kind of setup, but this one gave me the best vibe when I checked it out.

Any time I’ve had a maintenance issue, it’s been taken care of really fast. I love the fact that I didn’t have to pay for the heat when it was cold earlier this year (cuz it’s included!).

I highly recommend checking out Nob Hill if you want to be in the Green Tree area.

Anonymous | Resident

My experience with Nob Hill was excellent. My apartment was bright and had more than ample storage. I have lived in two complexes since leaving Nob Hill and neither has even compared. The staff at Nob Hill was helpful and maitenance was prompt. The security was better than I have found since with the ability to see who was buzzing you to be let in. The grounds were well taken care of the the hallways were even cleaned regularly. I could never hear the neighbors who I shared walls with, but the wall against the hallway did not seem to thave the same sound protection. It is also conveniently located close to grocery shopping and restaurants. If I return to Pittsburgh and need to rent for any amount of time I will definately check them out.

Anonymous | Resident

I recently moved from Nob Hill Apartments after living there for several years. I only moved because of a job transfer. Nob Hill is a wonderful place to live – nice, spacious apartments, friendly and helpful staff, beautiful grounds and a fantastic swimming pool! If you’re looking for an apartment, I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Anonymous | Resident

My wife and I have lived at Nob Hill for four years and just love it! The Manager, the Maintenance staff and Leasing staff are all so very nice, polite and helpful. They really get the job done! I love the building – which is maintained well. The apartment is spacious and clean. Maintenance also responds quickly when there is a problem. I tell all of my friends and family that are looking for a new place to live to come and check out Nob Hill. You won’t be sorry!

Anonymous | Resident

Nob Hill has many wonderful qualities! The building is safe and quiet. The grounds are well maintained and beautiful. Parking is safe, well lighted and very ample. The apartments are clean and spacious. The walk in closets are huge – almost like another room! The Manager, Leasing staff and Maintenance are helpful and courteous. The staff has begun having monthly resident activities. These are great because residents can meet other residents. This also helps in making a “community” feel in the building. I have met a lot of wonderful neighbors. The property manager and leasing staff really try to make all residents comfortable and take care of resident’s requests quickly and correctly. I would recommend Nob Hill to all of my friends and family – it’s a great place to live!